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Deerfields: Christine + Mariana

Balsam Mountain Photography’s recent wedding adventure took our photographer Regina to Deerfields in Horse Shoe, NC, on the outskirts of the Nantahala National Forest. With looming skies, our two brides, Mariana and Christine, feared that the day could be washed out. But the day was perfectly overcast and cool, with only short rain showers to add the shimmer of raindrops in our photos. Little circles broke the surface of Deerfield’s lake that typically resembled glass in the center of the camp-like venue. And you know what they say, “Rain is a sign of good luck on your wedding day!”

The mystery of the weather did not stop anyone in the wedding party, or Christine and Mariana’s family, from showering each other with how much they loved and cared for the celebration of the day. As I arrived to the retreat, I found the large party and family bustling around, gathering and binding flowers for bouquets, helping each other with hair and makeup, and looking for an extra pair of socks to wear with Mariana’s super cool white converse. These quaint (normally quiet) little cabins had become the backstage of full-fledged wedding theatrics.

As the ceremony drew near, Christine donned her unique and beautifully lace-covered gown of pink, and Mariana in a purple/blue hue. Christine and Mariana’s wedding party helped to put all the final touches in place with Mariana’s floral crown, Christine’s attempt to pick a hairpiece (which she decided against because her natural flowing hair was beautiful enough on its own… So true!), zipping and buttoning each dress with ease. Both brides emerged from the small cabin just in time to snap some individual photos as they breathed deeply and laughed aloud with each other before the ceremony would begin.

The ceremony was officiated by a close friend, which was perfect for these two as they wanted to change the vows and personalize them a bit. Not a dry eye under the pavillion as these two vowed to be each other’s “lawfully wedded favorite person” in front of their close-knit group of family and friends. :)

As soon as these two shared their first kiss, there may have been a big sigh of relief from these brides … and some blissful laughter as they walked out hand-in-hand. The ceremony was over. And Christine quickly took advantage of a nearby golf cart to zoom off for some much-needed quiet with Mariana, to just bask in the beginnings of their new life together. One of the perks of being their photographer (or as I like to say, “personal paparazzi for the day”), is that I was able to sneak away with them and capture their utter joy and happiness of just being together. Rain or shine; the day was theirs. And it was perfect.

Special thanks to this beautiful venue for making Christine and Mariana's dreams a reality!

Venue: Deerfields , Horse Shoe, NC

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