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Jesse Roberts

 Jesse began his photography journey shooting landscapes and wildlife, wanting to capture and share his perception of the beauty in the world with others. What started as a hobby quickly became his passion. After having the opportunity to shoot a few weddings with friends who needed a second shooter he was immediately hooked and soon shooting on his own. He takes great joy from photographing weddings, considering it an honor to be able to document one of the happiest days of a couple's lives. Jesse is passionate about wedding photography because it enables him to capture people's personalities and emotions, to give them the gift of their younger selves later in life. He especially loves looking for the little candid moments throughout the day that truly make a wedding special. He believes that these memories, the joy, the laughter, the tears, are the ones that will be cherished for a lifetime. 

  Jesse grew up in North Carolina and then lived in Colorado for ten years, moving back to Asheville in 2015. He lives here with his wife and son, loving their life in the mountains! In their free time they can usually be found somewhere deep in the woods, hiking, camping, fishing, and taking pictures (of course!). 

Megan Headshot-1.jpg

Megan Roberts

   Megan has already officiated many of the weddings and elopements her husband Jesse photographed, so it was only natural for her to pick up the camera herself. Starting by shooting every part of elopements that she wasn't busy officiating, she soon transitioned to working as a team with her husband photographing larger weddings. She and Jesse both take tremendous joy from being able to document other couple's love stories. They make an excellent team, he shoots with a photojournalistic style while she shoots with an artistic one, together they beautifully capture every aspect of a wedding day.

  When not busy officiating and photographing your special day, she can be found frolicking in the woods with her husband and son. She loves practicing yoga, getting lost in a great book, and unicorns.


Regina Myrick

Regina fell in love with photography as a young girl with a simple Kodak Polaroid Camera. The opportunity to freeze a moment in time that she could cherish forever filled her heart with purpose and passion. Now equipped with a Photography degree from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and a Business degree from LeTourneau University, Regina continues to glean knowledge and experience from traveling around the globe. She takes pride in her creative eye, as well as lighting and technical skills. With personality and enthusiasm, Regina photographs people from all walks of life and gives them a memorable experience along with their perfectly captured moments. She has a photojournalistic style that allows the personalities of the subjects to shine through & tell their own story. 


Hannah Bell

Experienced wedding & portrait photographer, lover of love stories, mother of two, earring addict, and Cook-Out shake connoisseur. MagMod ambassador with over a decade of photography experience. Organized, fun, and detail-oriented shooter comfortable with natural light and off-camera flash.

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