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Meet the Owners:

Jenny & Joe Mackey

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   We are Jenny and Joe Mackey, owners of Balsam Mountain Photography and JCM Photography! We are stoked you’ve made it this far into our website and for that matter, our lives!  We are a husband and wife team through and through! We live most of the year in the mountains of WNC, and the rest of the time we’re usually on the road shooting and exploring.   Wedding Photography is by far one of our greatest passions and we believe in an authentic experience for all of our clients! 

Our Story:

   We moved to Asheville in 2015 with no jobs and the BIG dream of becoming full-time wedding photographers. With a lot of hard work, dedication, and thousands of photos, we grew our business quickly. We soon realized after doing 70+ weddings a year on our own, that we needed help! So, in 2017, we formed Balsam Mountain Photography with a team of talented photographers  to help us serve even more awesome couples throughout the year.

   Balsam Mountain Photography is collective of experienced professional Wedding Photographers in Asheville, NC, whose soul focus is capturing the connection between you and your special someone!  We believe that each of our amazing couples shares something unique and it is our mission to bring that to life through visual story telling.  Our balanced approach to a wedding day ensures that you will have timeless memories to look back on years from now, but more importantly that you can connect to that moment in time through emotion.  It is always our goal to make sure you enjoy your experience as much as your photos and we seek to do this through building relationships.  If you are looking for someone to ‘just show up’, push a button, and tell you what to do, we would encourage you to keep looking.  If you are looking for someone you can connect with to create something beautiful, then you’ve come to the right place! 

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